innovation and elegance

Carbon12 offers what no other building in the Northwest does: an elevator entrance directly into your home, generous balconies with mountain, city and treetop views, a private entry for owners only, and a mechanized parking valet that stores your car below ground, automatically. The building also features a roof deck with sweeping views for the top floor units, and ground-floor retail spaces to anchor it within the surrounding community.

At 85 feet tall, Carbon12 is the tallest mass timber and cross-laminated timber building in the country. Along with the inherent environmental benefits of wood, Carbon12 is better equipped to handle an earthquake or other natural disaster than any other residential building in the country, thanks to its buckling-restrained brace frame core.


Premium Luxury

  • Private entry for owners only with fireplace at lobby.

  • Museum-sized elevator opens directly into your own private foyer.

  • Exposed Doug Fir columns, beams and ceilings.

  • Gorgeous 270+ degree views of mountains and city.

  • Quartz counter-tops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Options for walk-in closets and 2nd or 3rd bedroom.

  • Large covered balcony with space to seat eight.

  • German-engineered, automated parking garage.

  • Very energy efficient, floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • High level of acoustic separation between units.

  • Private storage unit.


Environmentally Progressive

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a cutting-edge engineered wood product that is revolutionizing the way the world builds. It’s produced by gluing small beams of wood together — under enormous pressure — in perpendicular layers to create sturdy, stable boards up to a foot thick. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Unlike concrete and steel, whose production releases massive amounts of harmful carbon, CLT is made from trees which naturally stores carbon in the wood fiber.

  • It is just as strong as concrete and steel, but 80% lighter.

  • CLT offers better acoustics, insulation and fire resistance than other conventional materials.

  • It is made from certified, sustainably-harvested soft wood, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

  • CLT requires less energy to produce, transport and assemble than other materials.

Learn more about CLT on our parent site, Kaiser+Path. ➝


The Williams Corridor

  • Located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in NE Portland.

  • Lined with everything from award-winning fine dining spots to family-friendly eateries.

  • Home to some of Portland’s most esteemed beer, coffee and cocktail destinations.

  • Has been called “the best place in Portland to buy a gift” because of the broad mix of hand-crafted, local and re-purposed items.

  • Peppered with self-care hot spots that promote physical and spiritual well-being.

Picture yourself in this wonderful neighborhood. ➝


State-of-the-Art Parking System

At-grade, mechanized parking valet will swiftly place your car safely below ground. At the touch of a fob, your car is returned to street level and turned around, ready to drive out! You’ll never be in a parking garage, and your car will be inaccessible to anyone but you. Watch the video to see it in action.

Seismically Prepared

Carbon12 is extremely well equipped for any seismic event. Built with CLT, on a basement slab that rests on 41 steel pilings driven 45′ deep into the ground, with an innovative buckling restrained brace frame core, it is incredibly resilient.

How it works: The joints between CLT boards allow buildings to dissipate energy efficiently, minimizing structural damage during an earthquake.

In addition to the robust structure, Carbon12 comes prepared with:

  • Redundant backup power system (diesel generator)

  • Solar-ready roof

  • Backup communications system

It’s exciting to be a part of a new trend using cross-laminated timber or CLT in construction. Knowing Carbon12 is built with sustainable wood that not only stores carbon, but also has greater structural stability in an earthquake or fire, makes me feel really good about my move. It has been almost a year, and I absolutely love living here!
— Holly, Carbon12 home owner